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Breathe Together BTS White Mask 100pcs FREE Shipping

$195.00 $175.50

Breathe Together BTS White Mask 100pcs FREE Shipping

bts breathe together mask

Breathe Together BTS White Mask


* Designed with the most ideal nose angle, 105˚
* Nose wire enables anti-fog and perfect fitting
* Three-dimensional slim design to make the face look smaller
* Skin-sensitivity tested smooth fabric with minimal lint
* High Elastic Earband for comfort wear for a long time


* Pink – The color of the mask consists of the main color of the ‘Dynamite’


* 1 inbox = 10 pcs


* As a result of numerous tests referring to the opinions of plastic surgeons, the mask design
is completed to make face look smaller

* Those with low noses have a wide face and look less three- dimensional, whereas those with high noses can have a visual effect of making their face look relatively smaller.

*The most ideal angle between the bridge of the nose and forehead is between 115~135 degrees. In addition, the angle between the nose column and philtrum is suitable for between 95~105 degrees.


* Excellent blocking 3 Layer Filtration
* SB Filter
The high-density filter are used to block and
safe from various kinds of dust and harmful particles

* MB Filter
Used self produced high- efficiency MB
filter to maximize efficiency.
* SB Filter
Skin-sensitivity tested smooth
fabric with minimal lint.
* A comfortable ear bands to wear long time
* By use of a nylon flat band (not just a typical ear bands) has an excellent in oil resistance. Also, the flat ear band is not easily wrinkled and has good elasticity which makes ear comfort to wear for long.

BREATHE TOGETHER MASK is scheduled to be released in 10 colors with the motif of BTS’ DYNAMITE, and it is a product that considers both functional and design aspects using a triple structure filter.

The mask has also received FDA approval from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, so quality is recognized.

It is lightweight enough to be worn comfortably in summer.

And this mask has a very pretty side profile~!

It is said that the 105 degree angle between the nose and the pharynx, which looks high on the bridge of the nose, was realized.

When viewed from the side, the bridge of the nose is shaped like a tabi nose, so it is very pretty.

​In addition, it is made of a nose wire to protect the respiratory tract from fine dust and splashes, and it fits perfectly without opening the side of the nose.

If it fits well on the face and fits well, I’m worried that it might hurt my ears.

The Breathe Together mask made ear bands with nylon flat bands, so it had a wider area to touch the ears, so it didn’t hurt my ears compared to other masks.
BREATHE TOGETHER MASK of vivid color for BTS ARMY fans

Nose wire action
It has anti-fog effect.
As a person who wears glasses, I used it for 3 days.
It’s really less frosty on my glasses!!


The mask fit is pretty 💜

I saw this fit too.

People with small faces seem to have a very pretty fit.

It’s really perfect for people who have a loose chin in a regular mask.

My face shape itself is not very pretty with the bird beak mask.

I have a lot of fat on my chin, so no matter what I use, it doesn’t hold my chin.

This mask holds the chin and looks pretty.


If this is the case…beware of not being able to take off the mask due to high expectations.

Breathe Together BTS White Mask

Breathe Together BTS White Mask


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